Laboratory and Medical Gas Detection

Laboratory and Medical Gas Detection

Gas Alarms Systems provides a complete turnkey solution for the detection of laboratory gases, providing vital early warning and reliable protection against the build-up of toxic or flammable gases. Using a wealth of specialist expertise, we provide a fully comprehensive service, able to design and deliver bespoke, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to fit your individual needs, and the requirements of your premises.

Our solutions are built to exacting standards, in line with UK regulations. We recognise that some installations can be particularly sensitive or complex, and draw on more than 25 years of experience to ensure that our systems are efficiently integrated into their surrounding environment, with minimal disruption to existing scientific systems or equipment.

Take a look at our project overview for a gas detection system for Cambridge University’s new, state-of-the-art laboratories.

Laboratory And Medical Gas Detectors

In the research and academia applications, laboratories can have a range of gases which require continuous monitoring. The GAS range of GAS 820 gas detectors provide annunciation and ventilation control in a number of University and research laboratories in the UK for toxic, asphyxiant and flammable gases. These laboratory and medical gas detectors incorporate microprocessor technology to ensure stable 4-20mA signal output or digital addressable outputs.

The GAS 820 type 8 and 9 allows the detector heads to be installed on a single 4-core network, which dramatically reduces the installation costs. These can be combined with the GASmaster and GAS640 control panels for localised display, calibration and annunciation. The control panel itself can be positioned outside of the lab’s boundaries, clearly displaying the toxic or flammable gas concentrations, so that users can accurately assess the level of danger before entering.

How our solutions help with common risks in laboratory and medical environments

The specific risks present in any individual lab or medical centre depend heavily on the type of work being conducted, but toxic and flammable gases are one of the most universal hazards. Various procedures, tests or experiments will be carried out with a wide variety of toxic or flammable substances. Notably, widely-used substances such as ethanol, isopropanol and formaldehyde can all produce potent toxic gases, and gas leaks from cylinders is another ever-present danger.

Chlorine and nitrogen are two particularly corrosive and dangerous examples of common gases. Others, like nitrogen and argon, may be chemically inert, but they’re still capable of asphyxiating staff in high enough quantities. Many of these gases are colourless and odourless, making them otherwise difficult to detect until they reach dangerous levels.

Our gas detection systems use sophisticated sensors and clear, unambiguous alerts to notify everyone in the immediate area when any toxic or flammable gas reaches harmful concentrations, facilitating prompt evacuation and safeguarding human health until the area can be made safe again. In addition to networked gas detection systems for the environment as a whole, it’s also not unusual for medical staff or lab technicians to wear personal gas detectors for extra peace of mind in instances where they might be isolated for a particular procedure or experiment.

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