Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Systems

Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Systems

We deliver unrivalled Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Systems to customers across a wide range of industries. Each of our solutions is built to our own exacting standards, and adheres to all relevant UK regulations, allowing you to have total peace of mind in a reliable early warning system that guards you against the potentially deadly risks of flammable and toxic gases.

Our Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Systems are tuned to very precise sensitivities, so that they’re not going off so often as to cause a nuisance, but can simultaneously be trusted to react instantaneously when any toxic gases in the air reach potentially hazardous (or even lethal) levels, posing the risk of asphyxiation, fires, or even devastating explosions.

One of the most dangerous characteristics shared by toxic and flammable gases is that many are colourless and odourless, and often entirely undetectable until they reach exceptionally dangerous concentrations. This leaves anyone nearby to potentially vulnerable to a range of increasingly severe effects until the root of the problem is identified. Our dangerous gas detectors act to provide vital early warning at a point when the dangers would not otherwise be noticeable, helping to safeguard your facilities, assets, and most importantly your staff.

Flammable and Toxic Gas Detectors and Sensors

The Gas Alarm Systems GAS820 series of gas detectors are designed to provide a cost effective and sustainable gas detection solution that doesn’t compromise on safety. They utilise the latest microprocessor technology to ensure stable 4-20mA signal output or digital addressable outputs.

The addressable output option on the GAS 820 type 8 and 9 allows the detector heads to be installed on a single 4-core network, dramatically reducing the installation costs.

Combined with the GASmaster and GAS640 control panels for localised display, calibration and annunciation, Gas Alarm Systems Ltd can provide a full turnkey gas detection solution for all applications, utilising a range of sensing technologies for all target gases.

Examples of the types of harmful gases detected include:

Toxic Gases

Combustible Gases

  • N-Butane
  • N-Heptane
  • N-Hexane
  • N-Pentane
  • Propane
  • Methane
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ethanol
  • Acetone

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  • Available sensor types include:

    • Infra-Red
    • Pellistor
    • Electrochemical
    • Photo-Ionisation (PID)
    • Semi Conductor
  • Gases detected include:

    • Flammable gas detection
    • Methane
    • LPG
    • Butane
    • Propane
    • Hexane
    • Hydrogen
    • VOCs
  • Toxic gas detection:

    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Hydrogen Sulphide
    • Chlorine
    • Sulphur Dioxide
    • Ammonia
    • Chlorine Dioxide
    • Nitrogen Dioxide
    • Hydrogen Chloride
    • Nitric Oxide
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