How exposure to toxic gases effects your health in the long run

Contrary to popular belief, gas detectors are not classified as Category 3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Weird right? But that doesn’t mean that they’re not important. They provide an effective warning system for workers operating in dangerous environments, so deciding on the type of gas detection system for your business isn’t always a decision you can make off the cuff.

toxic gas protection

Exposure to toxic gases can have catastrophic long term effects on your health. Staff who operate within heavily industrialised environments are some of the most at-risk members of your workforce when it comes to toxic gas exposure, so it’s important that you remain vigilant of the constant dangers they face on a daily basis. A few of the most common toxic gases include carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, and toxic VOC vapours from burning gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, and jet fuel.

We can help you keep a tab on these here at Gas Alarm Systems – toxic gas exposure is a constant concern for a huge range of industries, and our range of fixed gas detectors and portable gas detectors can be specifically programmed to detect a wide variety of toxic gases, both natural and manufactured. So, let’s get into a few of the dangers that toxic gas exposure can pose to the long term health of your employees.

Common toxic gases found in industrial workplaces

Toxic gas exposure is a real danger that’s still frequently underestimated. Some of the most prevalent toxic gases that you’re likely to encounter if you operate within an industrial environment include:

  • Hydrogen sulphide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Oxygen depletion
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Ammonia
  • Benzene
  • VOC vapours from burning fuel sources like gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, and jet fuel.

Long term effects of toxic gas exposure

The biggest issue with toxic gas exposure is that the effects might not be immediately apparent, so the victim may be unaware of the physical damage inflicted on them for months or even years. That can effectively result in the victim suffering from chronic (long-term) effects of toxic exposure. These long term effects can include things like problems with your stomach and digestive system, organ damage, coughing, shortness of breath, insomnia a loss of coordination and tremors. Many of these side effects can be permanent, regardless of medical treatment. Plus, in extreme cases they can leave those affected unable to work and in considerable pain.

How to prevent toxic gas exposure

We’ve designed our gas detection systems to provide an effective, reliable way to avoid toxic gas exposure. Our portable gas detection systems provide you with real-time data as to the level of dangerous gases present in the immediate area. Each gas detector is small enough to be carried by an individual staff member, and can be programmed to pick up on common hazards like hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), and flammable gases.

Plus, they’re specifically designed to be user friendly, offering an accurate reading as well as being available for purchase with a range of sensor options, including an infrared (IR) sensor for the detection of flammable gases and CO2. They’re extremely low maintenance, and have a long lifespan as well as a fail-safe operation as standard. The ideal companion for any employees working on the ground!

Alternatively, you might want to opt for our fixed gas detection systems. They’re installed in a permanent location, which helps to ensure the ongoing safety of all surrounding work environments. The device can be programmed to monitor the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency or enrichment, as well as the presence of flammable gases and vapours. Once triggered, it will alert any nearby staff members through a loud alarm system, allowing them to quickly initiate any shutdown procedures.

For over 25 years here at Gas Alarm Systems, our in-house experts have ensured that our clients have received the best in toxic gas detection equipment. Feel free to browse our range of fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detection monitors, or if you have any questions or need any advice, by all means call us on 01423 862240, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.