Swimming Pool Plant Room and Chlorine Gas Detection

Ensuring health and safety whenever chlorine is involved should be of paramount importance to those within the hotel and leisure industry.


Chlorine gas can be released into the atmosphere where swimming pool treatment systems use sodium hypochlorite to treat the water. Sodium hypochlorite is widely used in the chlorination of water as an alternative to chlorine gas due to its inherent safety when it comes to handling and transportation.

However, most incidents have occurred when water circulation has stopped or been reduced but the automatic dosing system has continued to operate.

Our solution

Our bespoke and cost effective detection systems are installed in pool plant rooms as a warning against the build-up of toxic gases and to protect personnel. Contact us now.

The dangers of being exposed to chlorine

Chlorine is toxic at levels in excess of 0.5ppm and prolonged exposure to levels of 50ppm may result in death. The gas is 2.5 times heavier than air meaning that it will accumulate at ground level, is a green/yellow colour, and has a very distinct odour. 

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