Gas Detection Systems for Steel and Metal Processing Plants

Steel and Metal Processing

Steel and metal processing requires a number of different processes, with furnaces, coke ovens, and sinter plants all producing potential dangerous levels of gases. 

Sinter Plants

Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are all released from sinter plants.

Blast Furnaces

Produce a high amount of toxic and flammable gases.

Coke Plants

High levels of toxic and flammable gases as well as carbon monoxide and hydrogen are produced.

Electric Arc Furnace

Designed to produce steel of a certain quality and non-alloy steels hydrogen and nitrogen are present during the process. 


Very low levels of sulphur and carbon are produced. 

Secondary Processing

This process presents the risk of oxygen depletion as well as the release of toxic sulphur and carbon. 


The release and presence of the gases mentioned above combined with all of the dust and hot conditions make a potentially dangerous environment for personnel. Areas of concern are all levels of the buildings and enclosed areas where these gases can accumulate.

As a result all workers must wear personal detectors at all times and areas of the plan must be equipped with fixed detectors. Hazards are most likely to be found in furnace areas, pits, and underground walk ways. To alert you to these dangers we can provide you with a cost effective turnkey solution to provide rapid warnings of any potential leaks. 

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