Bespoke Gas Detection for Retail and Facilities Management

Facility management is the coordination of infrastructure, people and organisation, often associated with the administration of offices, shopping centres, schools, sporting facilities, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels and so on. The facilities mangers will typically coordinate the health and safety, security, maintenance, property management and commercial requirements for their clients.

It is of course, health and safety that is the most important aspect of any facility manager’s job and our detection systems can help alert facilities managers to harmful gases in the following:

  • Methane and carbon monoxide detection in boiler rooms
  • Chlorine detection in swimming pool plant rooms
  • Ammonia and refrigerant gas detection systems in chillier rooms
  • Carbon monoxides and nitrogen dioxide in car parks

Our solution

Our expertise allows us to offer a complete service and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your individual needs to ensure complete safety from harmful gases. Contact us now to discover more.

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