Gas Detection for the Food & Drinks Industry

In the food and drinks industry complex processes require the use of potentially flammable and toxic materials, such as natural gas, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Equipment and personnel must be protected against combustible, toxic and flammable gases and asphyxiation at all times therefore a combination of both fixed and portable gas detectors are required.

Our solution

We have the skills and expertise to design, install, and maintain a cost effective detection system to ensure complete safety for the food and drinks industry. Contact us now.

Potential hazards

Breweries, distilleries and bottling plants all have significant gas detection hazards. These are primarily from ethanol production in distilleries or carbon dioxide (CO2) in breweries and bottling plants. Food and beverage processors use chemicals such as chlorine dioxide for sterilisation and cleaning fresh produce, which can result in the release of dangerous gases. It is a legal requirement that carbon dioxide and oxygen levels are monitored.

Hazardous gases can be found in the following areas:

  • Steam processes
  • Inert gases for packaging
  • CO2 for carbonation
  • Toxic gases for sterilisation
  • Ammonia in refrigeration
  • Effluent

Health and safety legislation

Under health and safety law should there be a foreseeable identifiable risk of a gas leak then a control measures must be implemented to monitor the risk. Gas detection systems are installed to monitor for chlorine dioxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen depletion and flammable gases in a variety of food and drink applications.

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