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Methane Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Our methane gas detection systems are instrumental across a broad range of industries for detecting unsafe levels of methane, a widespread and potentially dangerous type of natural gas. It poses a number of foreseeable risks to human health and safety – not only can it be toxic in high enough quantities, but it’s also highly flammable, opening up the risk of deadly explosions.

Methane Sensors and Detectors

We provide a full suite of methane detectors and alarms that can help mitigate these risks by providing early warning of dangerous concentrations before they reach actively harmful levels, giving you and your staff plenty of time to take remedial action, or evacuate the premises if necessary.

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Methane Gas Control

Methane gas control is an essential safety prerequisite for a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, and we’ve gained a wealth of experience with all of them over our 25 years in business. This includes mining, gas and oil refining operations, and industrial factory floors. Since methane is also generated by the decomposition of biodegradable solid waste, it’s also a constant concern for landfill sites and waste management facilities.

In all of these sectors, methane gas poses a tangible risk of asphyxiation if it reaches high enough concentrations, and in environments like factories and refineries, it can even cause deadly explosions. Methane gas detection systems act as vital safeguards against these serious hazards, especially in areas with the potential for open flames, allowing you and your employees to continue operations with complete peace of mind.

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Methane Gas Detection

With well over two decades of experience behind us, our in-house expertise and comprehensive range of products and services means we have everything we need to help you establish the highest possible standard of safety across every single one of your operations, across your entire site. We can supply standalone methane gas detection products and accessories to help you close vital gaps in your operations, or even help you spec a bespoke methane gas detection system from the ground up, with our experts making tailored recommendations to help you deal with the specific hazards of your environment or industry.

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Methane Gas Detectors and Sensors

Our range of methane gas detectors provide peace of mind through continuous real-time monitoring of your premises. They function in almost exactly the same way as normal smoke detectors, using an internal sensor that measures and monitors the concentration of methane in the air. If this concentration exceeds safe levels, the methane detector will activate an alarm to alert everyone to the danger.

At Gas Alarm Systems, we design, develop, supply and install methane gas detectors to exceptionally high standards. Our methane detectors are known for their quality, safety and performance, helping us to maintain a reputation as one of the UK’s industry leaders. Their inherent durability allows them to excel in even the most intensive environments, and we provide several in flameproof or safe area versions. They may utilise electrochemical, pellistor or infra-red sensor technology to monitor the concentration levels of methane.

Our Products

Methane Gas Alarms

The performance and volume of our methane gas alarms means that you can trust them to reliably alert you and your staff of any developing methane hazard, no matter how busy or noisy your immediate environment. Many of our methane gas alarms maximise their safety value by using bright visuals and traffic light displays to emphasise urgency, or provide more detailed information about the safety of their surroundings.

We provide a comprehensive range of methane gas alarms to choose from, in addition to a number of other natural gas alarms – all of them ideal for maintaining complete safety at your premises. If you’ve got any questions or you need any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.

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