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Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector Systems & Alarms

Gas Alarm Systems supply a wide range of commercial carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, each one designed to provide a safe and reliable way to protect your staff from this potentially deadly toxic gas. Carbon monoxide can be lethal even in small concentrations, and it’s colourless and odourless, all of which means it’s capable of becoming a real and present danger in a very short window of time.

Carbon monoxide gas is generally produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, such as gas, oil, wood or coal. That means it can be generated from many possible sources, ranging from gas fires and boilers to central heating systems and heavy machinery or vehicles.

Portable & Fixed CO Gas Detection Alarms

Because of this, carbon monoxide remains a tangible threat to a wide range of industries, especially those in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Here at Gas Alarm Systems, we provide a full suite of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms specifically designed to excel in these environments, so you and your employees can enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Carbon Monoxide Gas Control

Carbon monoxide is an almost universal danger in commercial environments, it’s a particularly tangible threat in industrial and commercial settings due to the more intensive nature of the activities taking place. Here, industrial and commercial carbon monoxide detectors are absolutely vital to ensuring human health and safety, since they could very easily make all the difference between life and death.

Even if every conceivable safety precaution is taken, certain risks might remain unavoidable, such as the use of heavy petrol-powered equipment, or the disruption of gas flues or ventilation systems during the refurbishment of buildings.

Carbon monoxide gas detectors and alarms play an invaluable part in mitigating these unavoidable risks, making up an integral component of any carbon monoxide control system.

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detection

With over 25 years of experience behind us here at Gas Alarm Systems, we’ve got the in-house expertise to help you specify the exact carbon monoxide gas detectors and alarms you need to maintain complete safety over your own premises.

We can help you identify the specific hazards likely to present the most danger for your staff or visitors, enabling us to make tailored recommendations for the best carbon monoxide gas detection products to suit your individual requirements. If you’d prefer, we can even put our extensive expertise to good use by designing and installing a fully bespoke commercial carbon monoxide monitoring system.

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Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

We design, develop, supply and install industrial and commercial carbon monoxide detectors to extremely high standards. Over more than two decades in business, it’s our reputation for quality, safety and performance which has helped us to maintain widespread recognition as one of the UK’s industry leaders of carbon monoxide gas detectors and alarms.

At their core, our carbon monoxide gas detectors function like normal smoke detectors, monitoring and measuring the concentration of carbon monoxide (and other toxic gases) in the air, and activating a CO detection alarm once these exceed safe levels.

Our carbon monoxide gas detectors are sophisticated devices which boast a range of additional functions and capabilities. They’re designed to be hardwearing, so that they can withstand the demands of particularly intensive environments, and many are available in flameproof or safe area versions. They may utilise electrochemical, pellistor or infra-red sensor technology to monitor carbon monoxide concentration levels.

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Carbon Monoxide Gas Alarms

Our carbon monoxide gas alarms work in tandem with our gas detectors, and typically use loud sounds or bright visual signals to alert everyone in the immediate vicinity to a carbon monoxide gas leak, so that the area can be made safe or promptly evacuated. Many of these carbon monoxide alarms also utilise additional ‘traffic light displays’ to provide onlookers with more detailed information about the relative safety of their environment.

We provide a wide range of carbon monoxide gas detection alarms for you to choose from here at Gas Alarm Systems, so you’ve got no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting the best one for your premises. If you have any questions or you need any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.

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