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Carbon Dioxide Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

We provide an array of specialised products geared towards carbon dioxide detection, providing effective and reliable protection for you and your employees. CO2 is a particularly pervasive toxic gas, and present almost everywhere – but typically only in very small concentrations of about 0.037%, which is not nearly enough to be harmful. However, once it starts to drastically exceed those levels, that’s when it can get dangerous.

Detection Of Carbon Dioxide

Our carbon dioxide alarms and detectors have been designed with a finely-tuned sensitivity that allows them to quickly and easily distinguish the difference between safe and unsafe levels of CO2. The gas isn’t flammable and it’s not combustible, but our CO2 detection systems can help protect employees from the risk it poses at higher concentrations, including headaches, confusion, loss of consciousness, and ultimately death.


Carbon Dioxide Gas Control

Carbon dioxide alarms are invaluable for preserving human health and safety across a wide range of settings and industries. They’re especially useful for indoor environments which may harbour particularly high levels of CO2 due to sheer population density in confined spaces, such as factory floors with otherwise poor ventilation.

They’re also widely used for the detection of carbon dioxide in industrial or manufacturing facilities such as breweries, distilleries, bottling plants and cement production. All of these produce CO2 as a by-product of their refinement processes, making carbon dioxide gas control a highly effective means of protecting employees from one of their most common workplace hazards.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detection

Manufacturing facilities are just one broad example of the types of premises which can benefit from gas detection equipment to facilitate the detection of carbon dioxide gas, but it can also be put to good use in almost any environment which burns hydrocarbon fuels, such as wood, coal, natural gas, petrol and oil. Whatever type of fuel is being burned, CO2 alarms can help you ensure that neither you nor your staff are being exposed to any unnecessary risk.

That’s exactly where we can help here at Gas Alarm Systems. Not only are we able to supply a comprehensive range of standalone CO2 gas detection products and accessories, but we can use our 25 years of expertise to help you spec your carbon dioxide gas detection system from the ground up. Ultimately, we’re able to leave you with a fully bespoke system that meets your specific requirements, giving you complete peace of mind with regards to the health and safety of your staff.

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Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors

We design, manufacture and install sophisticated carbon dioxide gas detectors to a set of exacting standards. Over more than two decades in business, our carbon dioxide gas detectors have become the favoured solution for countless customers across a wide range of industries, earning us widespread recognition as one of the UK’s industry leaders.

Our carbon dioxide gas detectors essentially function exactly like normal smoke detectors; constantly measuring and monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. If they judge these concentrations to have risen above safe levels, they will activate an alarm to alert everyone in the vicinity.

Our CO2 gas alarms have been developed for performance and reliability, and many also feature a host of additional functions and capabilities. They all share the same inherent durability, allowing them to withstand the demands of particularly intensive environments, and we offer an array of flameproof or safe area versions. They may utilise electrochemical, pellistor or infra-red sensor technology to monitor carbon dioxide concentration levels.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Alarms

Our carbon dioxide gas alarms are designed to activate the moment that carbon dioxide concentrations exceed safe levels, so that remedial action can be taken immediately – up to and including evacuation of the premises. Many of our CO2 alarms make use of bright visuals and traffic light displays in addition to their standard audible alert. These visuals and displays may be used to emphasise the urgency of the situation, or provide more detailed information to onlookers about the relative safety of the environment, and when it may be safe to re-enter.

We supply a wide range of carbon dioxide alarms to choose from, all of them ideal for providing safe and reliable protection for you and your staff. If you have any questions or you need any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.


Dangers Of Carbon Dioxide Exposure

Carbon dioxide is widely used in the food and drinks industry in the carbonation of beverages, as well as in fire extinguishers as an ‘inerting’ agent. At low levels, carbon dioxide has little toxicological effect on people. However, exposure to higher concentrations can lead to increases in respiratory rate, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmias and impaired consciousness. If you suspect that a member of your staff has been exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide, then they must be immediately removed from the toxic environment, administered oxygen, and offered the appropriate supportive care. Our gas detection systems are designed to help you avoid this scenario.

Common industries where CO2 is present

Carbon dioxide is an extremely potent threat to human health, and it’s a constant concern for a huge range of industries. Some sectors in particular though, involve especially frequent risks for workers, sometimes even on a daily basis – which makes fixed gas detection alarms and portable gas detectors even more of a necessity. Some of the most notable industries where CO2 exposure is a constant risk include the automotive industry, the construction sector, the oil and gas industry, and the food and drinks industry. If you operate a business within any of these sectors, then it’s imperative that you install some kind of gas detection system to ensure that your workforce has an ample warning system in place to reduce the risk of CO2 exposure.

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