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Gas Leak Detection Systems

Gas Alarm Systems Ltd is the UK market leader in the design, development and maintenance of gas leak detection systems and gas detection alarms, with a sole focus on customers within the commercial and industrial sectors. With over 25 years of experience and a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise at our disposal, our comprehensive gas leak detection product range spans everything from the supply of gas detection controls, all the way up to the design and installation of fully bespoke, complete gas detection alarm systems.

Comprehensive Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Our gas detection systems and alarms are supported by a national network of Group Regional Offices, staffed by experienced specialists and design engineers who can tailor gas leak detection notification and alarm systems to your own set of exacting requirements.

Through this network, we’re able to provide an efficient and responsive service across the whole of the UK, encompassing the completion of site surveys, the planning and preparation of concepts and system designs to the latest standards, and the provision of cost quotations for more complex integrated systems.

Gas Monitoring Systems and Detectors

Once your chosen gas detection monitors, alarms and systems have been specified and installed, we can also provide on-site training from one of our in-house experts, who will provide more in-depth information for you and your employees about how your gas detection system operates, and the easiest ways to carry out performance checks.

What’s more, we’re able to offer a wide range of service contracts to ensure that your gas leak detection system is correctly maintained and calibrated, so you have complete peace of mind in the safety of your premises and the wellbeing of your staff.

Some of the types of gases our gas detection alarms are able to detect are outlined below.

oil refinery

Natural Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Over our 25 years in business, we’ve served countless customers spanning across gas and oil, medical, mining, nuclear, construction, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing sectors, all of whom have chosen our natural gas detection systems to shield their staff from the biggest risks of natural gases.

carbon monoxide gas detection

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Here at Gas Alarm Systems, we provide a full suite of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms specifically designed to excel in commercial and industrial environments, so you and your employees can enjoy complete peace of mind.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Our carbon dioxide alarms and detectors have been designed with a finely-tuned sensitivity that allows them to quickly and easily distinguish the difference between safe and unsafe levels of CO2. The gas isn’t flammable and it’s not combustible, but our CO2 detection systems can help protect employees from the risk it poses at higher concentrations.

landfill site

Methane Gas Detection Systems & Alarms

Our methane gas detection systems are instrumental across a broad range of industries for detecting unsafe levels of methane, a widespread and potentially dangerous type of natural gas. It poses a number of foreseeable risks to human health and safety – not only can it be toxic in high enough quantities, but it’s also highly flammable, opening up the risk of deadly explosions.

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